ISIS is in Washington DC. and CIA FUNDED

Still trust the government?


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Did you know that ISIS is in the Ronald Regan Building in Washington DC?

That’s right a CIA funded black ops type “privet contractor” operation that has spec ops running the show all trained in Iraq and the Middle East, they also have two key players that are Spanish decent working hand in hand with Special Forces in Mexico. (click logo to view website) Can you say ironic?

We know the CIA is great about destabilizing regions all over the world – all in the name of freedom. But what use to be covert is now overt, so blatant it’s like a slap in the face, basically insulting your intelligence. Telling us one thing that is contradictory to facts.

 How about Iran Contra or Fast and Furious, trading with the Cartels selling bullets and bandages to both warring sides while buying their cocaine in the name of…

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